The Forman Arts Initiative is a platform to connect and support artists and cultural organizations in Philadelphia. We bring resources to the arts and art to our communities. 

Meet · Create · Advocate

Colin Kerrigan

What grounds us? Four simple ideas:             

Philadelphia: We’re proud Philadelphians and are deeply committed to our city. We recognize its many challenges but also see significant possibilities. We are committed to helping our city and its citizens realize their full potential.

 * Arts & Creativity: Artists and creative communities are reflective of the times in which they live. Their work has the power to both challenge and uplift. We see arts and creativity as the door through which important conversations emerge.

Education: Not all learning happens in schools. And not all children learn the same way. Art and creative engagement is a powerful tool to unlock potential in students of all ages and backgrounds. We believe that by activating arts education our students and communities will be better served.

Collaboration: Philadelphia has many exceptional arts communities, organizations and institutions. But so often their work is done in silos. We believe we can do so much more by working collectively toward common goals and purpose.

How do we work? We meet, create and advocate.

* Meet: FAI brings together organizations, communities, and artists of all kinds in a variety of platforms to meet, engage, and learn from each other.

* Create: FAI allows artists and arts organizations to focus their creative energies by providing programming, exhibitions, commissions, financial support and mentoring opportunities.

Advocate: FAI advocates for the arts and culture sector in Philadelphia, recognizing its potential for social and economic impact across the city and in our neighborhoods and communities.

Next Steps

Our work is just beginning. There will be more to come: from new collaborations, and initiatives to advocacy projects. Stay tuned.

Steve Weinik