Stories is an interview series featuring artists and creatives in every neighborhood in Philadelphia. This is a partnership between The Philadelphia Citizen and Forman Arts Initiative, and it will run on both The Citizen and the FAI website.

Joe Boruchow

RJ Rushmore

Whether he’s allowing local architecture to inspire his intricate cut paper artworks or designing street art to fit into unexpected spaces, artist Joe Boruchow keeps a close eye on Philadelphia.

Eugene Lew

Logan Cryer

Penn music technology professor Eugene Lew experiments with electronic music and sound. His latest project: a collaboration with textile weavers.

Galen Gibson-Cornell

RJ Rushmore

Galen Gibson-Cornell tears posters off of city streets, shreds them into thin strips and weaves them back together to create trippy mash-ups that mix brands, colors and patterns from across the world into something entirely his own.

Bree Lowdermilk

RJ Rushmore

Composer Bree Lowdermilk is bucking the norms of musical theater by writing shows with gender-expansive casts, taking feedback from 4-year-olds, and maybe even mounting a children’s musical on an abandoned pier.