Stories is an interview series featuring artists and creatives in every neighborhood in Philadelphia. This is a partnership between The Philadelphia Citizen and Forman Arts Initiative, and it will run on both The Citizen and the FAI website.

Bree Lowdermilk

RJ Rushmore

Composer Bree Lowdermilk is bucking the norms of musical theater by writing shows with gender-expansive casts, taking feedback from 4-year-olds, and maybe even mounting a children’s musical on an abandoned pier.


RJ Rushmore

Working across painting, sculpture and product design, Jeremyville sketches out ideas in Fishtown cafes that spread good vibes globally. The next in a series with The Philadelphia Citizen.

Taji Ra'oof Nahl

Logan Cryer

Multidisciplinary artist, musician and cultural provocateur Taji Ra’oof Nahl got his artistic start later in life, opening an Old City gallery, creating wearable art from vintage clothing, and now, collaborating on experimental film.

Rashid Zakat

Logan Cryer

Video artist Rashid Zakat’s Revival! ingeniously mixes R&B, cartoons, TikToks and gospel. Now, he’s dreaming of becoming Philly’s foremost (only?) art DJ.

Isa Segalovich

RJ Rushmore

Isa Segalovich brings critical race theory to the short video site. Can she defy the platform’s notorious frivolity in favor of serious discussion?

Kah Yangni

R.J. Rushmore

Kah Yangni, muralist and illustrator, imagines a world where queer people are free to thrive. Through public art, design, and billboards, they push those images into the public conversation.