Art Works Grant

Art Works is a $3 million grant program in partnership with the Philadelphia Foundation designed to support community-based arts and cultural organizations and emerging artists working in partnership with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) and other underserved communities. Art Works places a premium on work designed to connect, build and transform spaces and narratives to break down barriers through open access and inclusion.

Grants for Organizations

We look to support organizations which actively invite participation, provoke thought, and connect their passion with a community based purpose. If your organization uses the arts or culture to engage with or transform your communities, this grant program may be right for you. Over the next four years, four community-based organizations will be selected annually to receive two-year unrestricted grants. Awards will range from $50,000-$150,000. Grants can be used to support your organization’s mission, and we will choose organizations based on how closely your work aligns with Art Works’ programmatic goals.  

Steve Weinik

Grants for Artists

If you are a Philadelphia-based artist, who works for and with communities, you could be a great fit for the artist grants. Four Philadelphia-based artists will be selected annually to receive two-year grants of $25,000 per year. You can use the grants freely. Some of you may wish to use the grant to support new work development, while others may use it to pay for living or studio expenses.

Steve Weinik

Lenfest Co-Ops

In addition to the grant funds, your organization will be offered the opportunity to work with co-operative education students from Drexel University to enhance organizational effectiveness with funds provided by FAI. Co-ops can come from any field of study at Drexel that would advance the needs of the grantees. From finance and accounting, IT and web design, to digital media, communications, business modeling, art, and design, among many other disciplines, Drexel’s diverse students bring fresh perspectives—along with an eagerness to help and learn—to their co-op positions.

Sheldon Abba

Read more about the grant program here.