Art Works 2021 Recipients

Bearded Ladies Cabaret


Bearded Ladies Cabaret are an experimental cabaret company tackling the politics of pop culture, gender, and artistic invention with sparkle and wit.

Hagudeza Rullán-Fantauzzi

Individual Artist

Hagudeza Rullán-Fantauzzi is a talented choreographer and performer whose main driving force is to inspire, elevate, and uplift their communities through their work.

Big Picture Alliance


Big Picture Alliance engages, educates and empowers Philadelphia youth through filmmaking and digital media arts learning experiences.

José A. Ortiz-Pagán

Individual Artist

José A. Ortiz-Pagán is a multidisciplinary artist with a deep commitment to working in close collaboration with community members, with art as a source of hope, transformation, and healing.



BlackStar creates the spaces and resources needed to uplift the work of Black, Brown and Indigenous artists working outside of the confines of genre.

Sabriaya Shipley

Individual Artist

Sabriaya Shipley is an educator, poet, playwright and performance artist whose work centers around supporting Black and Brown youth.

Scribe Video Center


Scribe Video Center is dedicated to teaching the art of media-making and exploring the use of video both as an artistic medium and as a tool for achieving progressive social change.

Tshay Williams

Individual Artist

Tshay Williams is a filmmaker and screenwriter who focuses on making portraits that celebrate Black lives.

Twelve Gates Arts


Twelve Gates is focused on uplifting South and West Asian diasporic artistic voices within the local cultural landscape.

Selection Committee

Our selection committee includes: Thom Collins (Executive Director and President, The Barnes Foundation), Jamie Brunson (Executive Director, First Person Arts), Michael Forman (Co-Founder, Forman Arts Initiative), Jaime Frankfurt (Art Advisor), Anne Ishii (Executive Director, Asian Arts Initiative), Maggi Kirk (Development and Donor Services Officer, Philadelphia Foundation), Pepón Osorio (Artist), Pedro Ramos (President and CEO, Philadelphia Foundation), and Jennifer Rice (Co-Founder, Forman Arts Initiative).

Sheldon Abba

                         Art Works 2021 Celebratory Dinner