The Philadelphia Observer

Still from “Wyeth” (2018), courtesy of Glenn Holsten. Few people understand Philadelphia’s richness and humanity as well as Emmy-winning filmmaker Glenn Holsten. Over nearly four decades, he has turned over the city’s rocks and shined light into its corners, using film to explore issues and personal stories around mental health and narratives of struggle, recovery and hope. He […]

The Elder Scribe

The wisdom of African-American elders has always been a driving force for Germantown-based oralhistorian Julie Rainbow. As a young girl in Raleigh, North Carolina, Rainbow grew up listening to, and embodying, the stories passed down from her older relatives, stories she learned to recognize as the bricks of her community. Today, Rainbow is what she […]

The Lady Hoofers

The Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble Performance. Photo by Bicking Photography. Embodiment bridges theory and practice in Kat Echevarria Richter’s career, both as co-founder and artistic director of The Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble and as an educator and scholar of dance. Richter is dedicated to making tap dancing and its history accessible on stage, in the […]