Stories is an interview series featuring artists and creatives in every neighborhood in Philadelphia. This is a partnership between The Philadelphia Citizen and Forman Arts Initiative, and it will run on both The Citizen and the FAI website.

Morgan Nitz

Next in a series with The Philadelphia Citizen: Philadelphia artist Raúl Romero merges sculpture with an invisible medium: sound.

Logan Cryer

Morgan Nitz

The next in a series with The Philadelphia Citizen profiles artist, curator and writer Logan Cryer, who shines light on a new generation of Philly creators.

Samantha Maria Rivera-Fotos

Morgan Nitz

Next up in our series with The Philadelphia Citizen: performer/photographer Sa’Mantha SayTen, who uplifts queer trans artists through her studio and her own story.

Trapeta B. Mayson

Mogan Nitz

Next in our series with The Philadelphia Citizen: Poet Trapeta B. Mayson, whose Healing Verse Poetry Line merges her two passions: poetry and mental health.

Cesar Viveros

Morgan Nitz

Muralist Cesar Viveros, whose paintings are all over the city, has shifted his focus to activism and communion in the city’s Latino community.

Glenn Holsten

Blake Bradford

Documentarian Glenn Holsten talks about his four decades of weaving together the city’s stories of community, creativity and civic potential.