Stories is an interview series featuring artists and creatives in every neighborhood in Philadelphia. This is a partnership between The Philadelphia Citizen and Forman Arts Initiative, and it will run on both The Citizen and the FAI website.

Kah Yangni

R.J. Rushmore

Kah Yangni, muralist and illustrator, imagines a world where queer people are free to thrive. Through public art, design, and billboards, they push those images into the public conversation.

Arielle Julia Brown

Logan Cryer

Arielle Julia Brown, founder and director of Black Spatial Relics, supports performance artists whose art contends with slavery, freedom and justice in the next in a series with the Philadelphia Citizen.

Patricia Renee’ Thomas

Logan Cryer

Patricia Renee’ Thomas’s vibrant paintings portraying Black women and nature balance reality and hope. Here, in the latest The Philadelphia Citizen partnership, how she learned and teaches her students to do the same, in art and in life.

Rose Luardo

Logan Cryer

Rose Luardo, performer, dancer, visual artist and comedian shuns stereotypes in pursuit of art that’s both thoroughly provoking and totally fun in the latest in our partnership with The Philadelphia Citizen.

Sarah McEneaney

Morgan Nitz

The next in a series with The Philadelphia Citizen profiles painter Sarah McEneaney, whose paintings are celebrated for their sincerity and attention to detail.

Ricardo Rivera

Logan Cryer

Klip Collective founder Ricardo Rivera, known for dazzling projection pieces, cites music as his main inspiration in the latest in our partnership with The Philadelphia Citizen.